Pet First Aid Kit

£34.99 (free shipping)
By Vets, For Pets

Give your pets the best care you can, prevent unnecessary visits to your vet, and save on vet bills by learning pet first aid with Charlie. Our kit contains an illustrated guide* to common emergencies in cats and dogs showing you how to use all of the items in your kit (see full list of items below).

Be there for your pet.

* See our Pet First Aid Advice section for more information.

What's in your kit?

Your kit comes in a durable, glow in the dark, water-resistant bag that can be easily attached to your belt when out walking with the carabiner inside.

Bag dimensions are 20cm x 14cm x 8cm

  • 5ml syringe
  • Saline pods * 2
  • Iodine pads * 10
  • Sterile gauze swabs * 5
  • Abdominal pad
  • Non-adhesive wound dressings * 2
  • Padded bandages (1 large, 1 small)
  • Conforming bandages (1 large, 1 small)
  • 'Vet wraps'(1 large, 1 small)
  • Bandage scissors
  • Microporous tape
  • Emergency waste bags * 4
  • Tick removers * 2
  • Latex-free gloves * 2
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Styptic stick
  • Digital thermometer
  • Foil blanket
  • Ice pack
  • Carabiner