Is the wound?

bleeding heavily

not bleeding heavily

Bleeding Heavily

Call  Your Vet
Apply pressure to the wound to reduce bleeding.
Applying pressure to a bleeding wound on a cat
Applying pressure to a bleeding wound on a dog
  1. Use the gauze swabs or the abdominal pad (or a clean towel) and press down.
  2. Secure the swabs or pad in place.
  3. Use the vet wrap or conforming bandage to secure the swabs or pad until you reach your vet.
  4. Be careful not to apply the bandage too tightly.
  5. Take care. Your pet might be in pain or frightened and could bite or scratch. Click here for for tips on safely handling your pet.
If blood is still dripping through your bandage.
Applying pressure to a bleeding wound on a dog with an ice pack
  1. Apply another bandage layer on top.
  2. Try elevating the area.
  3. Put the ice pack over the injury on the outside of the bandage.
  4. If you think there could be something sharp in the wound avoid applying pressure.
If bright red blood (arterial blood) is spurting out of a leg or foot regardless of applying pressure.
Applying a torniquet to a bleeding wound on a dog
  1. Apply a tourniquet by tying some of your conforming bandage tightly around the leg, above the affected area.
  2. You should release the tourniquet every 10 minutes for 30 seconds before reapplying (never leave the tourniquet in place for more than 10 minutes).
  3. Get to your vet as soon as possible
Are there areas of skin missing?
  1. If your pet allows, cover with a dressing and go to your vet.

Not Bleeding Heavily

Is it a nail that has been pulled off, or a small wound that is just oozing?
  1. Try applying the styptic stick from your kit first.
  2. If this doesn’t work, apply pressure.
  3. Bleeding should stop in a few minutes. If it doesn't call your vet and follow advice above for heavy bleeding.
  4. Also, see section on torn nails for more detailed advice.