Taking Temperatures

The normal temperature range for dogs and cats is between 37.5-39.2°C (99.5 - 102.56°F) (although some animals may fall out of this range). Temperatures above 40°C (104°F) and below 37.2°C (98.96°F) can be more serious. If your pet seems unwell and /or their temperature is high or low, please contact your vet for advice immediately.

  • If you attempt to take your pet’s temperature from their mouth, there’s a good chance you or the thermometer will get bitten.
  • The thermometer in your kit isn’t designed to use in their ear, so the best way to take their temperature is by inserting the thermometer into their bottom. Alternatively, take the reading from their armpit (but this is less accurate).


  • Position your pet either standing up or lying on their side.
  • If possible, get an assistant to help you by comforting and restraining your pet simultaneously. Follow this link for tips on safely handling your pet.


  • Apply some lubrication to the tip of the digital thermometer (KY jelly, Vaseline or baby oil is great).
  • Locate the anus (lift your pet’s tail up, it’s the circular structure just under the base of the tail).
  • insert the thermometer slowly and carefully into this hole.
  • Go approximately 2-3cm in and gently lean it against one of the sides (don’t force the thermometer, this could cause serious damage).
  • Press the button to start the thermometer.
  • Once it beeps remove it and make a note of the reading.
Taking dog or cat temperature


  • Clean your pet thermometer with a suitable disinfectant.
  • Make sure it is returned to your pet first aid kit or labelled ('DOG' or 'CAT') so it is not accidently used by a human.
  • If you are struggling to take their temperature, seek veterinary help. Never put yourself or your pet in danger